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Detroit, MI- Detroit band PBM (Poor Boy Music), is excited to announce a new video and audio show coming this fall. But What About The Music w/PBM is a 30 minute talk show where the band will welcome musical artists of all genres. The show will be taped at an amazing venue in Metro-Detroit and will give artists a chance to really showcase themselves and their music. The show will be laid back and conversational as the guys from PBM get to know the guest and discuss musical styles, influences, etc.

Prior to the show, the guest(s) will pick one PBM song they would like to perform with the guys and well as two of their own. These will be performed throughout the show. To keep things simple and really garner the essence of each song, the show will feature the music in a stripped down acoustic setting. All genres are welcome, as the idea of the show is to really emphasize the diverse musical styles in Metro- Detroit. The show is set to begin in filming in the fall of 2023. The show will be distributed on Youtube as well as Anyone interested in being a guest (or wishing to suggest someone else as a guest) can contact the band via social media, or email us at

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