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PBM Band Members

PBM was established at Cousino High School in Warren, MI, by Nate Castle and Tom Torrento. The band welcomed new members with diverse musical backgrounds, introducing fresh ideas and creativity. Transitioning from a ska style to a blend of rock, pop, jazz, blues, and swing, PBM evolved its sonic identity, creating a unique mix of genres known as the "fuzzy feel-good collection."

PBM gained local recognition for their horn-infused rock, clever lyrics, and harmonious vocals, coupled with their strong work ethic and on-stage camaraderie. Emphasizing audience engagement, PBM values building connections, fostering camaraderie, and providing memorable experiences.

Their music reached a global audience through compilations from indie labels like RawFish Records, LittleGiants Records, Baby Boom Records, and Honey Records, spanning countries such as Germany, England, Japan, Scotland, and France. Their second album, "One Sip At A Time," achieved national distribution in 2006.

PBM's musical journey included a notable appearance on NBC's America's Got Talent, where their performance of the original song "Password" propelled them to the semi-finals. They toured extensively, performing in over 40 states and internationally, sharing stages with renowned acts like Tommy James and the Shondells, Blessed Union of Souls, Gavin Degraw, Cherry Poppin' Daddies, and The Presidents of The United States of America.


Currently, PBM is revisiting past hits and crafting new music, embarking on live performances and studio recordings at Tempermill Studios and Third Man Records. With a focus on expanding their fan base, PBM eagerly anticipates the next phase of their musical journey.

From their humble beginnings to their significant presence in the local music scene, PBM remains true to their originality while embracing growth and change. They prioritize their fans, creating lasting connections and cherished memories through their music, resonating globally with tours and compilations.

With a history of sharing the stage with renowned artists and making an impact on America's Got Talent, PBM is set for a new era of recording and performing, dedicated to growing their fan base and producing captivating music for existing and new listeners.


Entering this next musical chapter, PBM's dedication, passion, and creativity shine through, signifying an exciting phase in their artistic journey filled with enthusiasm and innovation.


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